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Cranial Facial Release Technique

Are you tired of sleepless nights due to snoring or breathing difficulties? You’re not alone. Prolonged issues like snoring, sleep apnea, and nasal blockages not only disrupt sleep but can significantly affect your overall health. Healthworx offers a proven solution with the Cranial Facial Release Technique, a non-invasive treatment designed to enhance nasal airflow and improve your quality of life.


Our patients report remarkable improvements in sleep quality, reduced snoring, and enhanced daily energy. Discover how this technique can help you breathe easier and live better.

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Our dedication goes beyond mere medical expertise; it encompasses the profound understanding that in your journey towards health, having a reliable and empathetic ally can make all the difference.

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Do you struggle with persistent headaches, sinus pressure, or sleep disturbances? These are just a few of the conditions that our specialized Cranial Facial Release technique can effectively address. This non-invasive method has been proven to offer significant relief and improvement for a variety of issues, including:


While snoring itself is often considered a nuisance, loud and persistent snoring can be indicative of underlying health issues and may disrupt both the snorer’s sleep and that of their sleep partner.

Sleep Apnea

Untreated sleep apnea can have serious consequences, including increased risks of cardiovascular problems, daytime sleepiness, impaired cognitive function, and reduced overall quality of life

Breathing Problems

Breathing problems can lead to reduced oxygen intake, fatigue, limited physical activity, and a decreased overall sense of well-being for a person.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury can lead to a wide range of physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral impairments, profoundly affecting an individual’s daily functioning and quality of life.

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For over three decades, our dedicated practice has relentlessly pursued excellence, maintaining an unquenchable thirst for staying at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements in diagnostics, treatment machines, and therapeutic approaches. Our unwavering commitment has always been to facilitate swift and lasting recoveries for our patients. Among the array of treatments we offer, Cranial Facial Release stands out, showcasing its remarkable advantages in enhancing well-being. However, it’s imperative to note that this technique is still relatively rare due to the scarcity of qualified practitioners proficient in its application.

As the demand for this transformative technique continues to surge, we hold optimistic aspirations that an increasing number of practitioners will undergo training, bridging the gap between the distress of numerous suffering patients and the potential relief that Cranial Facial Release can provide.

Through relentless dedication to our craft and an unshakable passion for healing, we envision a future where this technique becomes more accessible, transforming the lives of the suffering and underscoring the boundless potential of modern medical practices.  

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Our Unique Approach to Your Care

At Healthworx, we believe that healthcare should be as transparent as it is compassionate. Our dedication to these principles has helped thousands find relief from chronic conditions, but what truly sets us apart is our commitment to your unique health journey. If our thorough evaluation suggests that the Cranial Facial Release technique isn’t the best option for you, we promise to guide you towards alternatives that better suit your needs. Your well-being is our ultimate priority, and we are steadfast in guiding you to the most beneficial outcomes.

Our Clinic's Caring Touch

More Than Treatment — A Partnership in Healing
Our approach extends beyond mere treatments to create a healing environment where you feel deeply valued and supported. At Healthworx, you're not just a patient but a partner in your health journey. We understand that healing is as much about feeling heard and respected as it is about effective treatments.

Partnering in Your Health Journey

Empowering You at Every Step
We place you at the center of all healthcare decisions. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, our medical staff dedicates time to truly listen and understand your concerns, circumstances, and aspirations. We ensure that your preferences and values are respected throughout your care process, empowering you to make informed decisions about your health. Together, we strive to create a care experience that not only treats but truly resonates with your personal health goals.

Your Health is Our Concern

We warmly invite you to reach out to our clinic, where your health concerns will find a compassionate and attentive ear. Taking that proactive step towards well-being begins with a simple act – giving us a call. Our dedicated team is eager to engage in a meaningful conversation about your health, providing you with a platform to openly express your worries and queries.

I had been struggling with snoring and sleep apnea for years, and it was taking a toll on my health and overall quality of life. I had tried various remedies, including a CPAP machine, but nothing seemed to work effectively. That’s when I discovered cranial facial release therapy. From the very first session, I could feel a noticeable difference in my breathing and sleep patterns. Over time, as I continued with the treatment, my snoring significantly reduced, and I eventually no longer needed to rely on my CPAP machine. Cranial facial release has truly been a life-changing experience for me, allowing me to enjoy restful and uninterrupted sleep, and I’m incredibly grateful for the positive impact it’s had on my health.

Jeff Henderson Patient

After struggling with chronic sinus congestion for years, I decided to explore alternative therapies, and that’s when I discovered the Cranial Facial Release (CFR) technique. From the very first session, I was amazed at the immediate improvement in my ability to breathe. It was like a weight had been lifted off my chest, and I could finally take deep, unobstructed breaths. What truly astounded me, though, was how this newfound freedom to breathe comfortably extended to my outdoor activities. Walking and hiking had always been challenging due to my sinus issues, but now, I could conquer even the steepest trails with ease. CFR not only restored my ability to breathe better but also opened up a world of adventures I had previously only dreamt of. I can’t thank Dr. Woodard enough for this life-changing experience.

Fran Mathers Patient


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Explore these glowing testimonials from individuals who have experienced significant relief through the Cranial Facial Release technique at Healthworx. Their stories showcase successful journeys overcoming chronic conditions that had impacted their lives for years.

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